Mission & History

The Kenya Medical Women's Association (KMWA) was established in 1983 as a membership organization for Kenyan female Medical Doctors and Dentists. It is an independent Non-Governmental and non- profit making organization registered under the laws of Kenya. It seeks to uplift the health status of women, adolescents and children in Kenya by enhancing the capacity and potential of medical women to respond through determined action involving advocacy, information and service provision, to meet their special needs and whose main agenda is voluntary in nature. Currently we have slightly over 400 members, which includes up country branches in North Rift, Nyanza and Eastern Provinces.

An association of excellence providing leadership in all matters of health.

To champion for the improved health and dignity of society, particularly vulnerable groups through a cohesive, professional membership committed to our core values of excellence, integrity and compassion.

Core Values
KMWA will promote and operate within a clear and consistent set of ethics, reflecting its core values of:-
i) Integrity                    
iv) Compassion

KMWA’S Objectives
1.Contribute to the betterment of health services in Kenya.
2.Afford opportunities for Medical women to confer and take necessary action on matters relating to the health and well    being of the various communities they serve.
3.Provide a means of communication between Medical Women in different parts of the country and the rest of the    world.
4.Promote the general interest of medical women and foster friendship and understanding amongst them.
5.Afford opportunities for Medical Women to have a voice in professional and related bodies.
6.Hold meetings for discussions and interchange of ideas of problems particularly elating to women and secure    cooperation at all times in matters connected with National and International health.
7.Offer mentorship to young girls as they enter into medical and related professionals.
8.Encourage, commission and conduct research into health problems relating to maternal and child health.
9.Afford opportunities for Medical Women to meet and to confer with non Medical Women and share each other’s expertise.