KMWA is managed by a Council that consists of 12 members headed by an Executive Chair and has a Board of Trustees that provides governance oversight and a Patron. Day-to-day activities are run by the secretariat. The trustees and council will provide the overall leadership to the Association. KMWA governance is guided by the following principles:-
•    Democracy
•    Representation & Participation
•    Equal Opportunity
•    Accountability & Transparency
•    Non-partisan & Fairness
•    Cost-effectiveness
•    Succession
•    Efficiency
•    Professionalism, Quality and Competency

Hon. Mrs Ida Odinga
•    Prof. Miriam K. Were – Founder Chairlady; Laureate, Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize
•    Dr. Jane Nyagitha Reriani Miano
•    Dr. Jessia Nyokabi Githanga
•    Dr. Christine Awuor Yuko – Jowi
•    Dr. Jean Kagia Wamaitha
•    Dr. Betty Muhatia Musau
•    Mrs Dorcas Kombo
•    Ms Lillian Ongwenyi

Council Members - National Level
1. National Chairperson  -   Dr. Christine Sadia
2. Vice National Chairperson-  Dr. Daisy Odundo
3. National Secretary -  Dr. Grace Miheso
4. National Treasurer -  Dr. Adeline Vilembwa
5. Council Members -    Dr. Brigid Monda
                                     -    Dr. Teresa Alwar
                                     -    Dr. koki Kinagwi
6. Ex- Officio Member - Dr. Jacqueline Kitulu
7. Chairperson - Rift Valley Branch - Dr. Fatma Some
8. Chairperson - Nyanza Branch - Dr. Rosemary Obara
9. Chairperson - Coast Branch - Dr. Christine Katingima

•Health, Education and Research Sub-Committee
•Strategic Planning Implementation Sub- Committee
•Fundraising and Public Relations Sub-Committee
•Finance and Administration Sub-Committee
•Welfare and Recruitment Sub-Committee
•Reproductive Health Sub-Committee

North Rift Sub-branch
•Dr. Jemima Kamano
•Dr. Rose Shitsinzi
•Dr. Rose Julia Songok - Secretary
•Dr. Jemima Kamano

•Mrs Benter Odongo - Administrative Assistant
•Ms Lucy Mungai  – Project Assistant

•Ms Jane  Muhia- Omondi